How to Purify Water

See how the P&G water purifying packets transform dirty water to clean.

Many Families and children in developing countries gather water from rivers, lakes, and ponds, which are often contaminated. P&G water purification packets kill bacteria and viruses and separate out dirt and other contaminants.


After stirring, the dirt begins to form clumps.


Eventually the dirt settles to the bottom of the bucket.


The water needs to be filtered through a cloth before drinking.


Families like Boniface’s are the ones whose lives are transformed by the P&G water purification packets. You can purchase these packets and perform this activity at home. For each purchase you are helping to provide clean water for a child for 3 months.*

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*For each purchase, .80 (90 days’ worth of water) will be donated to the Children’s Safe Drinking Water Fund, which is a charitable fund managed by the Greater Cincinnati Foundation. For more information visit


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