How to Prevent Burn Out and Treat Yourself

How to Prevent Burn Out and Treat Yourself

Feeling burnt out from too much work or fun this summer? Don’t feel bad about taking a breather.

self-care isn’t just an excuse to be extra – it’s a way of life! the art of putting yourself first can supercharge your productivity, increase your self-esteem and even boost your immune system. start creating your self-care routine by setting these 13 goals before summer’s over.

1. sign off of social

Whether or not we admit it, social media can fuel fOMO and drive us to compare our lives to others. give it a rest – log out and live in the moment. trust us, you’re not going to miss seeing all those brunch-stagrams.

2. go ahead, Indulge

at least once a week, commit to going to bed early. getting a little extra beauty sleep is easier than you think when you slip into sheets and pJs washed with downy Unstopables In-Wash scent Booster in sweet dreams. the long-lasting scent makes bedtime irresistible.

3. Be Nice to Your skin

too much stress can lead to breakouts – so take a few extra minutes to give your skin the royal treatment! olay daily facials are a great place to start. grab one in the morning to remove dirt and oil, and one at night to remove makeup. Your skin will be ready for a no-makeup selfie in no time.

4. take a Mental Health day

don’t wait until you’re totally out of steam to take care of yourself. forming restful habits like getting a bonus hour of sleep or spending intentional time in nature can help give any situation a more positive outlook.

5. plan strategic Breaks throughout the day

Break up the work grind by giving yourself a couple of small breaks throughout the day. Walk outside for 15 minutes, chat with your favorite coworker or become the office hero by going on a quick coffee run for your team. It’ll give you a much-needed break from your desk, and you’ll feel more refreshed and ready to tackle the latest crisis when you get back.

6. Bless Yourself with Your Own talent

spend most of the day serving others? try using your talents to do something just for you. Blog your thoughts, paint yourself a masterpiece, do your own taxes or cook an amazing meal – you’ve earned it.

7. celebrate a small Victory

tackle a minor problem before it becomes a major one. scratch something stressful off your to-list and then celebrate it – like calling your parents or getting your check Engine Light fixed.

8. set Healthy Work Boundaries

Be mindful about spotting the difference between a “good no” and a “bad no.” If the latest request from your boss is going to push you past your limits, ask if the opportunity can go to someone else. and when you do leave the office, hold yourself accountable to truly disconnecting. that starts with not sleeping with your smartphone next to your face. You’ll show up the next day refreshed and ready to kill it.

9. create Your Own summer Break

at many workplaces, vacation days are use ‘em or lose ‘em. take a week during the warmer months for a summer break – just like the good ‘ol days. and let’s face it, saving all your vacation days for the holidays doesn’t give your body and mind the much-needed rest it deserves during the rest of the year.

10. plan for a slow Morning

take some time each morning to appreciate the little things. prepare a breakfast for one – even if it’s just cereal – and listen to the birds or think of a few things you’re truly grateful for. a few relaxing minutes in the morning will center you and set the tone for the rest of your day.

11. Make Lunch an adventure

Break up your workday by trading lunch at your desk once or twice a week for a destination lunch with a coworker. this state change can be a much-needed mix up for a ho-hum morning and can recharge your mind for a productive afternoon.

12. Make Your Workspace Your Eden

deck out your desk with pictures on your favorite people, inspirational quotes, a lamp for extra light, or even treat your desk mates to candy dish – it’ll make you the talk of the cubicle.

13. Have the Ultimate cheat day

Order the most savage thing possible for brunch or from a food truck. If worst comes to worst, pepto-Bismol has you covered.

How do you squeeze self-care into your routine? tell us your favorite ways to show yourself some love in the comments!


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