4 Quick Ways to De-stress

Life can be hectic. Use these 4 simple tips to combat the stress in your life.

Working overtime, going to school or taking care of your little ones all day leaves you feeling accomplished, but drained. You’d love to book a spa day or weekend getaway, but who has the time – or money?

Good news! We have some great ideas to help you unwind in a flash. And you won’t need a whole lot of free time (or cash) to make it happen.

1. Get a Chair Massage
Chair massages are affordable and widely accessible. Dab a little essential oil on your inner wrists and temples, tuck in your ear buds and close your eyes while an expert massage therapist kneads those stubborn knots on your back, neck and shoulders. The average cost is - per minute.

2. Change Your Color
Whether it’s preparing a presentation at work or caring for our loved ones, our hands are one of the hardest working body parts. Pamper your hands with an express manicure. It only takes a few minutes, and a fresh new coat of polish will instantly boost your mood.

3. Get Lost in a Story
You know that book you were so excited about at first, but now you never have time to read? Well, I bet there’s an audio version of it! Listening to storytelling can be very relaxing, especially if the reader has a soothing voice. There are also hundreds of thousands of podcasts available on endless topics and most are free! Best of all, you can listen anytime, anywhere. Next time you’re stuck in traffic, take a deep breath and turn up the volume.

4. Walk Away from Stress
Take a 15-20 minute walk around the neighborhood to wind down after a long, hectic day. Walking has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety and muscle tension, lower blood pressure, boost endorphins and much more. Make it a family affair and get even more stress-relieving benefits. Spending time with family and friends provides social support and strengthens your bond.

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