How to Make a Shower Caddy Garden

Create tiers of botanical interest with a mini-garden grown in a shower caddy.

By: Lexi Walters Wright

Shower caddy mini-gardens are a simple, clever way to bring a little plant life into your space, indoors or out. You can use any multi-tiered wire shower caddy as your structure and basically any combination of plants, depending on your sunlight conditions.

Consider these beautiful botanical combo ideas.

A Collection of Pretty Pots: Find tiny planters and saucers that will fit in your shower caddy. Fill the pots with soil and the plants of your choosing. Hang your shower caddy in the place where the plants get the specific amount of sunlight they need to grow.

Place the pots on the tiers of the shower caddy: Put taller plants on the higher shelf and fuller, trailing plants on the lower one. Water and care for the plants according to their specific needs.

A Creatively Lined Container: Rather than placing individual planters in your shower caddy, use the tiers themselves as planting space. (This is especially useful if your caddy’s shelves are not flat, but rather curved troughs.) 

Line the wire shelves of the caddy with sphagnum moss, covering the spaces between any wires so soil will be contained. Then add potting soil and plants as you’d like, again choosing plants that will suit wherever you plan to hang the caddy. Water and care for the plants according to their specific needs.

Tip: Don’t like the natural look of sphagnum moss? Line the caddy tiers with black paper mulch, which can be cut to fit each section. (Succulents look especially striking against this dark backdrop.)

An Awesome Air Plant Vessel: If your bathroom is humid and sunny, it can be a sweet spot for a shower caddy with tropical tiers!

Snip apart a plastic loofah sponge so it unravels. Place the loofah netting on the caddy shelf so it covers the wire. On the netting, add an orchid or bromeliad, bunching the netting up so the roots are contained. Add air plants (Tillandsia) around the orchid, keeping their roots exposed.

Care for all plants according to their instructions, misting them as necessary.

What are you putting in your shower caddy garden? Share your ideas in the comments section below!



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