5 Fall Flowers You Need to Enjoy This Season

Learn how to plant and care for 5 popular autumn blooms to add seasonal color to your garden.

Mention flowers and most people imagine springtime blooms. But fall is a wonderful time to plant and enjoy flowers, too. As summer coming to an end, we share our top picks for adding a pop of rich autumn color to your garden.


At garden centers you’ll find these perennials plants, nicknamed “mums,” in yellow, orange, white, shades of red and pink-purple. If you purchase potted mums, remove fading and spent flowers (also known as deadheading) to stimulate new growth and keep the plant compact and bushy.

For a pretty seasonal display, plant a mum in a cleaned-out pumpkin to create a festive DIY fall centerpiece that’s perfect for a patio table. If planting indoors, clean your work surface with a damp Bounty paper towel, and clean the floor with Swiffer Sweep and Trap – it has rotating blades to pick up large particles and a dry cloth to trap and lock dirt and dust that brooms leave behind.

Tip: When putting away fall décor, transplant mums to your garden or a bigger flowerpot. They’re hardy and will come back in the spring. Once established, they’re also somewhat drought tolerant.


These fall perennials are a great garden staple, especially for landscape borders. They’re popular for their beautiful, almost daisy-like shape and blue, pink, mauve or white colors.

New England asters – the variety you’ll find at most nurseries – feature masses of small pink or purplish flowers with yellow centers. Left unattended, they’ll grow anywhere from 2 to 6 feet tall and are better used as background plants. However, if you pinch them back midsummer before buds form, they’ll stay more compact.

Check your local garden center for compact and dwarf varieties, but keep in mind that they tend to attract fewer butterflies.


These elegant flowering vines are garden standouts. Some varieties produce flowers that measure 10 inches in diameter, while others feature masses of smaller – but still impressive – flowers. Colors range from white to pink to dark purple. They thrive best when the roots are shaded and the tops receive sun, plus they’re hardy and disease-resistant.

Plant new vines in the fall to give roots time to get established during the cold dormant months.


These flowers could win an award for most underrated performer – when everything else is going dormant, heleniums will bloom. Most grow best in rich soil and full sun with regular watering, but they’re surprisingly heat tolerant. Best of all, you can find them in ideal fall colors: burnt orange and coppery red. They make great cuttings for vases.

Browse catalogs or online nurseries if you can’t find heleniums locally.

This hardy plant is both drought and heat resistant. Some varieties, like Purple Emperor and Autumn Charm sedum, bloom in the fall in gorgeous scarlet, orange, pink or white hues. Sedum works well as a low-maintenance ground cover, and is also beautiful in container gardens.

After all that planting, your gardening clothes could probably use a wash! Remove dirt stains and infuse a fresh scent with Tide PODS with Febreze.

What fall plants are you adding to your garden this season, and what fall garden tips would you add to this list? Share in the comments below!



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