Back-to-School Survival Kit – for You and for Them

Glue? Check. Pencils? Check. Secret stash of dark chocolate? Check.

While you’re running around getting all the items on your kids’ back-to-school checklist, don’t forget to pull a few things together for yourself as well.

We’ve assembled a list of some tried-and-true heroes to help your family along this school year – for both in the classroom and at home. Download and print off this checklist, and we’ve even left a few blank spots so you can add some of your favorites.

For Your Home

☐ Cleaning supplies
Charmin toilet paper
Tide Pods laundry detergent
☐ Batteries
☐ Wet wipes
☐ White board — this will be the year you track the family’s schedule and weekly meal plans
☐ Secret stash of dark chocolate
☐ Hand sanitizer — douse the kids first thing when they get home
My Sanity
☐ _________________________
☐ _________________________
☐ _________________________

For School

☐ Scissors
☐ Folders/binder
☐ Art supplies (crayons/pencils/markers, glue, supply box, erasers)
☐ Other art supplies (when the first ones go missing/dry out)
☐ Dictionary
☐ Loose-leaf paper
Puffs tissues
Bounty paper towels
☐ Gym clothes
☐ Gym shoes
☐ Backpack
☐ More wet wipes — leave these in your car to make sure pieces of breakfast aren’t still lingering on their face (or yours, for that matter)
☐ _________________________
☐ _________________________
☐ _________________________

Lunch Packing Supplies

☐ Reusable lunchbox or bag/brown paper bags
☐ Plastic storage containers
☐ Sandwich bags
☐ Bounty napkins
☐ Less-secret stash of candy for the kids
☐ _________________________
☐ _________________________
☐ _________________________

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