How to Pack for a Great Spring Break

How to Pack for a Great Spring Break

Wherever you’re spending your spring break, use these checklists to pack your bags.

No matter how you envision your perfect spring break, if you’re heading away from home, you’ve gotta pack your bags. Flip through for our ideas on some essential items to include on your spring break packing list.


When your friends asked for your input for spring break planning, you had only three requirements: sun, sand and somewhere else. Now that your beach vacation dreams are just days away from coming true, make sure you don’t head south (or east, or west) without the necessities.

Your beach bum checklist:

- Obnoxiously large wide-brimmed hat
- Plenty of water bottles – you don’t want to dehydrate in the sun
- SPF 25+ sunscreen (we like Olay Whips, which have a weightless formula that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth)
- That new bathing suit you couldn’t actually afford
- A Venus Snap razor because you know you’ll miss a spot


Who said you have to stay stateside? If you’re breaking the mold (and breaking out your passport) by going for a global adventure, make sure you have what you need to see all the sights.

Your backpacking checklist:

- Translation app on your smartphone, or old-school dual-language dictionary
- Shoes you can actually walk in
- International roaming added to your smartphone plan
Pepto-Bismol-to-Go chewable tablets, for the power of Pepto that fits in your pocket


Going out at night on spring break means packing plenty of clothing options, but cramming everything into a carry-on is a recipe for crumpled-up disaster. Pack our secret to skipping the iron and still looking bomb.

Your best-dressed checklist:

- That dress that’s straight fire
- Your beauty-is-pain heels
Downy Wrinkle Releaser to shake off the suitcase lines
- Eye mask so you can sleep past noon after late night/early morning adventures


Picturing a poolside paradise? Enjoy every minute of your sand-and-seaweed-free spring break with these lazy-day essentials.

Your poolside checklist:

- Trashy beach book your Lit prof would hate
- Waterproof bag for your ID, cash and phone
Tampax to keep Aunt Flo from sabotaging your trip


No alarms, no agenda, nowhere in particular you have to be – spring break is all about going with the flow and making plans on the fly. Be ready for whatever with a well-packed beach bag.

Your no-time-to-change checklist:

- A comb to tame your beachy mane
- Flip flops or sandals you can wear to a nice-ish restaurant
- A cover-up or shirt that can turn your bathing suit into real clothes
Old Spice or Secret Freshies On-the-Go to freshen up whenever, wherever


Let’s face it – someone in your travel group is a hot mess. (If you don’t think so, it might be you.) Prepare for it – or own it – with a spring break emergency kit.

Your prepared-for-everything checklist:

Tide-to-Go instant stain remover pens, because spills
Febreze CAR vent clips, if you’re traveling that way
Scope mouthwash for quick, long-lasting fresh breath (find it in travel size)
Olay Daily Facials – add water, clean up, rinse off, pass them on
Puffs SoftPack tissues – keep them in your carry-on or your glove box for everything from lipstick blotting to spring allergies


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